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This is what I have found that work. I have also seen that some products may not work, and if that happens I have written it down. So if you are having any issues I have your contact info, and we can talk about how to work it out together.

1. The 1-2-3 Rule

This is how I treat insomnia. I will give you the information you need, and then give you some ideas to solve your problems. The rules for how to treat insomnia are as follows:

If it's only going to happen 3 days in a row, you are in the clear. The best option is to try and avoid the situation at first by having a plan in place for where you can get some sleep if you fall asleep during the night.

If you have problems falling asleep at all, then you are not doing things right. Sleep deprivation is a big problem in our society. We spend a lot of time in the sun, and it is a sign of a healthy metabolism. We should try and limit how much we spend in the sun. Some experts suggest that we should spend an hour or two a night in bed with a cold glass of water, and some time during the day in exercise or reading.

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